It is already “The Jetsons Age”

When I was a child, I loved this show called the Jetsons Family. The Jetsons are a family living in the future. They have plenty of technological appliances to help around the house. George Jetson works at Spaceley’s Sprockets; Jane Jetson is the wife who is obsessed with fashion. There are two versions of The Jetsons, 60s and 80s. One of the most unforgettable scenes for Generation Y was Jane’s dress closet. She enters to a glass cabin and starts to try the dresses virtually, after she chooses a dress a robot helps her to put on the dress. It is finally happening, not the robot part but the virtual dress room with 5 star customer service. We are one step closer to Jetsons futuristic life. As Jules Verne said, “the future is now”.

Omnichannel seems to be a dream of consumers but is it necessarily the nightmare of retailers? Omnichannel is the pool of possibilities that integrates all the channels- stores, catalogs, mobile, social networks and websites- to maximize consumer experience in shopping. This “technology” or “communication method” is out there and will be more common in 5 years. The price and information transparency hardens retailers’ jobs but at one point, for most of the companies omnichannel is and will be a necessity. The companies, which successfully adapts to this “communication method” will be strengthening their firm’s position in the market, other companies will eventually disappear or will lose credibility and loyalty. Retailers need to embrace the “new” methods not only to survive but also to succeed. If retailers find the precise target market, findings show that omnichannel shoppers will spend 15% to 30% more than multi-channel consumers [1].

ImageResearch showed that omnichannel strategy provides a chance to increase revenues for apparel industry. Although, it seems to be an opportunity for firms, at the same it is a challenge. Because companies have to manage to adopt omnichannel in short period of time to survive in the industry. In conclusion, a successful omnichannel strategy is not a guarantee for the retailer’s survival. It is a guarantee to compete with other companies (e.g. Macy’s), which already implemented omnichannel strategy to their existing strategy.

[1] Legatt H., “Have you met the omnichannel shoppers?”, BizReport: Ecommerce, 2009,


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