Acqua Di Gio- Giorgio Armani ad

I found myself analyzing another ad from a magazine I bought recently. It is amazing after you get into this, you found yourself very engaged to the ad and start to look at it professionally ( still a consumer though). Anyway, here is my recent ad analysis.

This is a high-involvement product which has a greater perceived psychological and physical risk. This product is emotionally appealing. Giorgio Armani tries to promote high awareness, encourage trial, encourage conviction of brand superiority and motivate action. Perfumes have clear product differentiation. Acqua Di Gio’s target market is women and men between the ages of 14-60 with high income. When we analyze the brand loyalty for this particular product, people can be head or heart.

Why we would buy GIO? There are myriad of options for perfume choice. Wearing, buying a perfume is related to love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization needs. People need intimacy, friendship, love. Perfume, in the minds of consumers, is a tool to be loved and to create intimacy. If I smell good I will be accepted within my social group, because they all wear perfumes. OR another example, if I wear GIO then I might have a chance with the most popular boy in the school. In this example, she believes she can create an intimacy because wearing that perfume makes her feel like that model in the advertisement. In addition to that, all humans need to be respected and valued by others self-esteem needs is the core reason to use cosmetics. After all the levels mastered for a person, self-actualization needs emerge for instance one individual may have the strong desire to become a model in his early ages and wearing this perfume will remind and give that feeling to him. In the hierarchy of effects, GIO created awareness, comprehension with this ad and they tried to create desire with folding the paper and using sense of smell as well as sense of sight.

When we look at the Learn- Feel- Do Model, perfume-high involvement product-, the hierarchy would be Learn-Feel-Do. Consumers can see and learn about the product in both internal and external search. For high involvement products it is crucial to create brand awareness and conviction the brand superiority is necessary. If this ad affects the potential buyer, she will go to Macy’s and she will buy it or try it and associate this trial with this particular ad  because they used sense of smell our mind will automatically think about this ad. In this case, word of mouth, referral of a friend or relative is also effective in decision making process. For instance, a friend you trust and believe that s/he is an expert in fashion clothing and personal care items, referrals from idols is very important in this category.

ImageWhen a potential consumer exposed to this advertisement, firstly she will think what is it (product/message thoughts) and secondly s/he will feel the smell coming through the paper ad, so she would unfold it and smell it. Then she will build source-oriented thoughts such as GIO is a very famous, Italian fashion brand and this perfume smells really fresh and soft and finally she will either have positive or negative thoughts toward the ad. After this process attitudes are built and the final stage purchase happens accordingly. In high involvement products it is crucial to create conviction of brand superiorty and to influence consumers external means of search is crucial. Before buying a perfume, s/he can either search the internet and read fashion blogs which s/he trusts or ask a friend. In addition to that, experts in Macy’s has an affect on consumers who are not sure which perfume would suit her most. Therefore, websites, friends, cosmetic experts are crucial for the purchase decision.

If we use Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) as one of the communication process model, under conditions of high involvement, where elaboration is likely, the attitude change travels through a ‘central route’ in which a person exercises ‘diligent’ consideration of information. This information s/he feels is central to the true merits of a particular attitudinal position. In this ad sales presentation should contain strong arguments that are difficult for the message recipient to refute. I believe, sense of smell is a very good presentation of the product.

GIO created a brand image, the models GIO used influence consumer feelings and attitudes. Here sources (models) are attractive, appealing to similar needs is important. GIO used attractive models in the hope of getting consumers to associate his or her physical attractivenesss with the brand. GIO here shows a pure, not wild but attractive female and male images to create a favorable image for the  brand. After emotionally attaching to the brand, consumers will assign a personality to GIO. For example, GIO is aggressive, adventurous, pure and soft (considering their choice of models). If the consumer feels same as the brand image they will develop emotional bonds with the brand which result positive psychological movement toward them.

There is continuity in this ad, back page is designed for men and one page later we see the perfume for women. In the second page, there is a folded page which GIO designed to show their perfumes smell, so that no one will need to go to store to smell it. It is a good way to reach consumers who wonders the scent of the perfume. The titles are in white, company wants to draw attention to the model. The title’s, question’s and symbols color are same. It is provacative enough to get readers’ attention. There is not any body copy. The brand name is not capturing the attention in the initial phase but the model does, after model we are exposed to the bottle of the perfume so visual elements are more important and obvious in this ad. They use attractiveness as a source of characteristics.

I rate this advertisement as 3 because using an attractive model in a magazine ad!!?? Really??? It is not original/ creative. In the same magazine Calvin Klein, Ed Hardy and other brands use the exact method to capture attention. Association with a model is understandable because wearing perfume is to attract people, to smell good in society and to boost our confidence. Folding the paper to show the scent is also logical and good presentation of the product but not creative. Other than these, ad seems attractive and clear.


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This entry was posted on July 18, 2012 by in ads, advertisement, Elaboration Likelihood Model, Learn- Feel- Do Model.
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