leGloss print ad

Today, I feel like analyzing an advertisement that I saw in a magazine. L’oreal leGloss.

This is a low-involvement product which has a lower perceived psychological and physical risk. Therefore, L’Oreal tries to promote awareness, encourage trial and stimulate interest. Among the other brands in this category, L’Oreal priced cheaper. Thus, when a person see the advertisement she can go buy it and then have thoughts about the lip gloss either positive or negative. L’Oreal’s target market is women in all ages. When we analyze the brand loyalty for this particular product, people can be head, heart or hand loyal to L’Oreal’s product, there is not a clear distinction.

In order to analyze the motivational reasons for purchasing the product, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a great tool to refer.  A number of factors involve consumer choices and motivations to use this lip-gloss. Firstly, this product can be a way to fulfill social needs. When I use this lip-gloss people will be affected from me and like me.  L’Oreal uses Jennifer Lopez for the lip-gloss ad, associating the product with a celebrity is risky at the same it creates awareness faster. Another motivation for buying this product can be self-esteem needs. The hidden message that will occur in people’s mind is “if I use this lip-gloss, I will look like J-Lo”. Although, L’Oreal do not position its brand as affordable, buyer can compare the alternative prices, -alternative evaluation- and choose this brand because it is cheaper or a person can only buy it because it was new.

Attitude towards a brand is measurable. We can use Fishbein Attitude Model, what are the attributes that are important for buyer’s decision making process in purchasing L’Oreal?

When we look at the Learn- Feel- Do Model, lip-gloss-low involvement product-, the hierarchy can be like Do-Feel-Learn as well as Learn-Do-Feel. Consumers can see and learn about the product in both internal and external search. For low involvement products it is crucial to create brand awareness through brand recall or recognition. If this ad affects the potential buyer, she will go to buy a lip-gloss and when she sees the brand she will recognize it and associate it with this particular ad or while making a shopping list, she may think about the names of lip-glosses and then J-Lo ad L’Oreal can distinguish itself from the memory. Generally, external use is for high involvement products but in this case, word of mouth, referral of a friend or relative is also effective in decision making process. In addition to those, a person can perceive L’Oreal as a brand that high quality, affordable products and become heart loyal to the products that brand offers. In this advertisement we see the word “NEW”, when we look at the Adoptions of Innovations cycle, those new products- intro in the PLC- is for innovators and early adaptors. Therefore, L’oreal also calls out those people to try their new product. Furthermore, culture is an important thing in the decision process, as US culture tends to promote innovation and modernity, Saudi Arabia and British cultures tends to value tradition more so “NEW” strategy is not a good strategy to follow in some cultures.

When a potential consumer exposed to  this advertisement, firstly she will think what is it (product/message thoughts) and then she will build source-oriented thoughts such as L’oreal inexpensive but trendy company and finally she will either have positive or negative thoughts toward the ad. After this process attitudes are built and the final stage purchase happens accordingly. In low involvement products creating a differentiation in order to be recalled in the store is essential. This lip gloss advertisement tries to create a product differentiation with “our richest shine indulgence” and a quote from the celebrity “Shine like you mean it” associated to the product. In the ad, we can see that J-Lo wearing shiny diamond bracelets and earrings. In our minds, we create the differentiation as, this lip-gloss is shinier than the others. Besides, although L’Oreal does not mean it, a rational cognitive response to the ad would be,  L’Oreal is a a high-end brand name, with its logo design and with the choice of celebrity. Therefore, consumer would automatically think this brand as a substitute to Lancome not to Maybelline.

If we use Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) as one of the communication process model, leGloss ad several positive peripheral cues, including an attractive and highly relevant celebrity endorser, Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo is considered a star in US) and appealing visual imgery is also added to the ad which is consistent with how leGloss’s is different, shinier. These cues help the consumer to develop positive attitude toward the brand even if they do not get the message portion of the ad. It is shown that, when involvement is low, a celebrity endorser have a significant effect on attitudes. Within the possible communication objectives, this ad’s messages such as “supreme creaminess, rich vitamin E” will not stand out immideatily but the image created by the company, association of the product with J-Lo will be effective in in-store recognitions and brand recalls so it will increase awareness, liking, preference and a purchase in a store visit.

Although, there  is postioning in this ad (Position using product characteristics or benefits, such as shiny, new, rich vitamin E, 16 shades and supreme creaminess) L’Oreal tries to get attention to the product’s shine benefit. In this ad they also use, credibility and attractiveness which are source characteristics. In this ad, J-Lo endorsing L’Oreal attracts attention, she influences consumer feelings and attitudes. Here source (J-Lo) is attractive, appealing to similar needs is important  because it gives the message that if you need a shiny, durable product like celebrities does leGloss is your lip-gloss. Applying to likabilityis good in low-involvement products. Source convinces consumers the durability of the product (J-Lo is a diva, if she uses it in the stage or even in daily life, it should be long-lasting, beautiful and shiny).   L’oreal generally uses celebrities in their advertisements like in lipGloss, therefore we can say that, this ad creates an image for the brand and for this specific product, it is an image oriented ad.

When we consider the layout and design of the ad, the headline is leGloss which is a direct headline. There is not a body copy rather there are titles which shows the benefits of the product. The ad generally composed of visual elements such as J-lo’s picture on the left side and product’s picture on the right side including brand name at the back and product’s name at the top of the ad. Balance is used, as it is clearly divided into two parts. There is also unity in colors, but not very direct and obvious, font colors and J-Lo’s lip-gloss color and the product’s picture shows  a bit unity.

When all of the analysis above considered, I rate this advertisement as 4. People like to look at people’s faces. Although, it seems a cliche, it is still reasonable to use celebrity endorsements when it comes to low involvement products. I did not give 5 because, it is not a creative advertisement, consumers see celebrity endorsements with products a lot. Especially, for L’Oreal it is not creative at all. They always associate their products with a celebrity. Another reason, I did not give full points is, there is a capturing quote of J-Lo “Shine like you mean it”, the color of the font is irrelevant it dissolves the unity of the ad.



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