Angry Birds: A New Legend? Or Just Lucky?

Angry Birds is not an amusing time-waster game. It is a puzzle video game developed by Rovio Mobile, inspired by wingless birds and it is first released for Apple’s IOS in 2009.Players have slingshot to launch birds at pigs with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the field. Is there any logic in this game? Why the birds are angry? Why they are devoted to kill the pigs? Among all theories, I’d like to share this one: the extinction of dodos. Dodos were nesting on the ground and living on fruit, in Mauritius they were not able to fly which made them an easy target for predators. When humans first arrived Mauritius, they also brought with them other animals like dogs, pigs, macaques etc.  Currently, macaques’ and pigs’ effect on the extinction of dodos is considered to be the major reason rather than human hunting.  As I mentioned above, some people (myself included) believe that the logic behind Angry Birds is highly correlated to dodos extinction. Apparently, Rovio Mobile was upset about the extinction of dodos.
It is a well-thought game what about the bucks? Angry Birds had a great return, considering the cost was 140k (development costs and given the marketing and plush toys), it generated an estimated $70 million.  Angry Birds is highly profitable relative to its cost. Tetris which looks like a simple game born in 1984 with a very low cost to develop but continues to make money rather than vanishing. Keeping simple seems to work for some firms.
“Angry Birds is going to be bigger than Mickey Mouse and Mario” says Peter Vesterbacka- the mind behind the game. I believe it is not only marketing that caused this big success for this game but I would like to analyze some of the marketing tools they’ve used so far.
Social media marketing is not a “should” thing, it is a “must”. However, it is very critical not to do just because you have to do it. When you have something to say, say it! Otherwise do not tweet and do not make your followers overwhelmed by your promotions. Fans do not care about the upgrades on Angry Birds’ website!  

Angry Birds hit 500M game downloads worldwide 4 days ago. It is approximately the sum of the population of England (51M), Italy (60M), Turkey (72M), US (300M), Denmark (5M), Netherlands (16M).Everyone needs a network strategy in Twitter! Official Angry Birds are following 8801 people and followed by 305883 people. They are following many people and followed by many people. Just with a look to their twitter account, I can say that they believe in the strength of word of mouth marketing.  In low involvement products or services, humor is very essential because it will lower audience counter-arguments, attracts greater attention. I am not an I-phone user I have a Blackberry (I know, another topic may be), how would I hear about Angry Birds? I’ve meet with them with the video below the article, through one of my friend in Facebook. Social media seems huge; it seems like when you throw a stone in it, you would not be able to throw it exactly where you want. However, if you target the right people, that stone finds its way to where it is aimed.
Of all the game applications, Angry Birds seems to take the attention and day by day people will talk more about its success.


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